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Comment: Maybe its time to give the

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Maybe its time to give the

Maybe its time to give the man a break? He'll be 80 come the 2016 race. Let him enjoy his last years with his family instead of running in the rat race.

Its time for us to put on our big-boy pants and carry this movement on without Ron Paul being there in person to carry us.

Take over your party. Become a PCO, 100% vital that you become a PCO if you can. Take over upper party at the DISTRICT level. Surround them with us, and the fraud stops.

There will be plenty of good people to put up for POTUS. Ron's squeezed enough of his blood for this movement.

anyway, with the way some of these disrespectful paranoid assholes on here talk about his child, I wouldn't expect him to lift a finger for this movement again.