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Comment: more cult of victimhood

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more cult of victimhood

i noticed there's a tendency for people to walk up to the podium and share their stories of abuse. like an AA meeting, we seem to find different ways to identify with the victim audience.

in this case, after being defeated by establishment GOP, the story of abuse gets told and re-told. march right up and share your story of abuse! wear it like a shimmering badge of honor.

but when we do this, what is happening?

well. instead of looking for ways to overcome obstacles, the cult of victimhood forfeits their personal power. instead of flexing their muscles and political might - they rest blame on something outside of themselves. "Impossible to change," they say. "Why did I even try?" They even look for ways to justify their decision to stop exercising their power. They claim that by doing so, they are only "adding to the problem."

But, people who equate "politics" with "the system" are committing a fallacy.

In reality, "politics" is just a word that means "execising your personal power."

So, when we do the thing called "giving up on politics," as it is often said - we are actually just saying "i am giving up attempting to influence."

And that is what the cult of victimhood is all about. it's about forfeiting power and allowing others to make decisions for you.