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Comment: Sad that doctors offices are inept

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Sad that doctors offices are inept

... but awesome that you're trying to re-calibrate them.

I dream of the day of being able to self-insure for medical, homeowner's, cars (except any rqmts for liability by law I guess) and being able to tell the insurance companies to kiss off.

I am in the process of dropping All-State because they have been giving me the run around on our homeowner's because our porch railings aren't properly spaced. WTF? Basically, they want to collect premiums but guarantee they never have to make a payout. Thieves! But I digress...

It seems to me that the health care industry, and most people's lives, would be so much better if we only had insurance (if any) for major medical incidents and we paid for everything else (checkups, sick visits, prescriptions, etc.) out of pocket.

It's insane that doctors can't tell you how much their services cost! I'm going to ask our pediatrician about this next time we take our kids in. He's also a prepper and I want to know if he has a service menu in mind for when SHTF and what forms of payment he's willing to take.

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