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1. Alex didn't have a

1. Alex didn't have a meltdown. He merely turned Piers' own tactics against him and controlled the segment, delivering as many facts as possible in the allotted time. He showed passion and conviction, more than we've seen from anyone else on the same platform. He also told the truth, something that the rest of our "allies" have conveniently avoided in order to make themselves seem more palatable to the "flies", as you so eloquently label the human race.

2. Piers did not want Alex to do what he did. Morgan is a narcissist who wanted to "debate" Alex with his logical fallacies. Alex didn't give him the opportunity. I'll say it again... THERE IS NO DEBATE on this issue. We are right, period. Trying to "prove" we are right is meaningless. The agenda will continue either way.

3. Ron Paul would be more successful in debate if he could re-channel some of his 80s fire. I love RP, but the majority of people respond more to passion than to "smart". This is obvious.

4. I'd like to know what "absurd theories" you're referencing. Apparently, showing rightful anger over the enslavement of your family, your race, and yourself while reaching out to and enlightening 2-3 million people weekly is being a baby. If Alex is an "embarrassment" to our cause, what exactly are you?