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Not the same

The DailyPaul in terms of everything it encompasses is probably worth $250K (or more) type figures. It's the largest site for Ron Paul supporters. Many people refer to it, including apparently RNC chairmen.

So asking those type figures to trade for a site so established is understandable. In comparison what has accomplished? Pretty little. That's proof of what I'm trying to tell people that not much value is only in a name.

The people that bought and related names did so SPECIFICALLY because they knew such names had value. I'm not saying they don't have a right to ask for money, but they should have handled the whole thing differently IMO.

If it was me, as a supporter, and if I wanted to cash in I would have said, hey I'm a supporter, but I want to get compensated too, to be honest. How about 75K? Considering I paid less than $100 to register the name I think that's a good reward.

But no, they go for $800,000 then drop their price more than 50% when they don't get that down to $250K.