Comment: HAHA omg these trolls SUCK

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HAHA omg these trolls SUCK

Look at this recent comment by GenderWoman5000:

"Ron Paul and Satin are the same. Thums up if you are a pro-war patriot! Thums down if you our a pro-feeDUMB poopy!"

then I replied

"Satin? I thought Ron Paul liked hemp cloth. Lol! Man you SUCK at trolling but I'm having a great time over here. Btw, an entire website is gunning for you Gender, and I'm part of it.

VETERANS for Ron Paul."

wahhhh hahahaha this is awesome. Mr. Nystrom, I will donate for the first time today!

You guys have to get down on this fun.

Lima-1, out.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.