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The Medical examiner's press conference is a huge red flag. The way the cops behind him jumped in and answered questions when the Examiner contradicted the official story was mind boggling. The guys arrested in the woods, the obvious actors playing parents, the blocked exits and lack of medical tents/ambulances, the neighbor who had the kids on his lawn and happens to be a professional actor and member of SAG, the lack of footage, the timing, the response, the interview with the principal after she was killed, the killing of the 4 kids that ended up on the neighbors lawn, the fact that the neighbor's house was past the fire station where the students should have stopped, the lack of pictures of any kind of exodus, the long guns found in "Lanza's car" rather than the school, the lack of evidence that Lanza had ever been shooting, the media's initial insistence that his mother worked there, the fact that the "neighbor's" story changed so much and the weirdness of the idea that a bus driver or a "harsh man" would leave the children with the neighbor, the fact that a federal drill was going on at the same time 10 miles up the road called something like "Dealing with Children in Disasters", The idea that a scrawny kid like him could carry in the hundreds of rounds he fired in addition to hundreds left over and 4 handguns and an AR-15 and shoot with such efficiency, the fact that the school was a gun free zone already, the fact that they really are coming after the guns and were planning to before it happened, the fact that lesser magic is a real precept of the elites and the Batman movie showcased an all too unlikely map with no writing o it save the words "Sandy Hook" scrawled in big red letters, acompanied by commissioner Gordon pointing to it and saying something like "this is where the first strike will occur"-sounds like iffy evidence until you look at 9/11 and the "Lone Gunman Series, and the media ignoring the real psychotropic reason Lanza would have had a break down, if that is indeed what happened, which are the SSRIs leads me to think this is all a huge sham and they should have hired better actors. I refuse to suspend disbelief until they at least hire some true thespians.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."- JFK