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These Words

"Don't you ever worry about bumping heads with me. I see your shiny little spirit in there. I'll get over, around or through any differences when the chips are down and I know you'll do the same."

mean a lot to me. I can also better understand what you mean by no government involvement.

I realize I can never stop the death of even the smallest, but I still believe that even the smallest are human. It is hard for me to hear Dr. Paul say he advocates a shot of hormones for a rape victim. Not because I want the victim to suffer, but because of the desire to protect the unborn. But, I can see the sanity in Dr. Paul’s statement and I can see the sanity in your premise as well. Dr Paul is able to say there is no known pregnancy when the hormones are given. Can the herbal tea be taken as a precaution?

Coming from a pro-life background, anytime someone is not pro-life I immediately think of blood and gore and death and suffering as the alternative. I see in black and white. And I am very analytical to a fault. :) and yet I am a detail person so when the details are understood, I can then add them to my black and white picture.

Thanks fishy. Have a nice weekend. I saw your whisper to Michael, they were very thoughtful words. May the chips never fall, but may we see Liberty.