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Comment: Face It - The Endless Checks are Going to Stop

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Face It - The Endless Checks are Going to Stop

What attracts me about libertarian ideas is that they reveal that artificial environments will eventually fall under their own weight. We see that in the analysis of the federally subsidized Ponzi schemes such as Social Security and MediCare.

I try to be neutral about Israel, the Arab states, the Middle East and all parties involved. I try to learn as much about the history, people and politics of the region. Like everything else there is a lot of good and bad and in-between on all sides.

Currently, we give Israel billions of dollars each year in military aid so it can defend itself against hostile neighbors. We give billions in dollars in military aid to Egypt so it won't fear Israel. We also give Egypt billions to keep their economy going so it can feed and employ its people. We give less but still large amounts to most of the other countries in the region.

Lets take geopolitics and religion out of this. What is Israel, Egypt and all these countries receiving foreign aid going to do when the aid stops? Anyone with a 6th grade education can easily see that the US government will go bankrupt before the end of this decade. All the recipient parties had better realize this and start making alternate plans.

On a personal level, I have come to the realization that Social Security will be bankrupt by the time I retire and I have to make alternate plans. I can moan and complain and blame and accuse. Still that isn't going to stop Social Security's bankruptcy and not going to pay my future bills.