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Comment: Don't blame others for your problems

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Don't blame others for your problems

It wasn't the waitress's information on the receipt, it was the party's receipt. Your receipt at a restaurant is private, that's why they sit the bill face down or in one of those folding things for bills.

You can always blame someone else for your problems but almost every time some of the blame is on yourself. Maybe the girl wouldn't have gotten fired if the pastor didn't call, it's not the phone call that got her fired. Sharing the contents of the receipt got her fired. Sharing the contents of the receipt also caused that phone call.

Ask any good server, they know not to do what she did. No one has ever kept a job in customer service sharing negative information about customers. Customer service is about being polite when someone is an A-hole to you. The girl and pastor should have taken Jesus's advice and turned the other cheek.

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