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Comment: Deep down everyone already knows the truth

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Deep down everyone already knows the truth

but just like coming to grips with the reality that the country most of us grew up in and were convinced was all about goodness and spreading freedom and then learning it was all a bunch of lies,...its also very uncomfortable to discover the orgins of religon and having to deal with reality that religon is just an ancient method of controlling and manipulating people by exploiting their fear of the unknown.

Many people have a large part of their lives and income invested in things associated with their faith. They have preached to their children since the day they were born that there is an invisible all knowing all powerful being that knows their every thought looking down on them. Most adults don't have the guts to admit they have been duped. Its strange because most adults know by age 18 or 20 that the stories they have been taught can't be true. You would think out of consideration for their chidren they would stop passing along the same lies...but amazingly most not only continue...they often feel compelled to make sure that their chidren admit and affirm these same irrational and illogical beliefs. It has to be incredibly confusing for a young mind trying to devolop logic and reasoning skills.

Anyone that takes the time to research the orgins of religion, and the origns of government will discover why, since the dawn of time,the preist class and the political class have lied and manipulated the masses by mastering the art of "story telling". I find it strange that so many freedom loving, liberty minded individuals can so easily see right though the propaganda of the State but continue to buy into the tired old preist class stories. These people are different sides of the same coin. They work together to make sure your allegience remains with one or both of them.

If you want to be "spiritual" all inner peace. but don't encourage children to believe that a man can be buried for 3 days and then come back to life. Don't teach children that they were born sinners and the only way they can avoid burning in a firepit is to worship some invisible deity. Trust YOURSELF and use the knowlege mankind has aquired over the last 1000 years to re-evaluate what you have been led to believe. There is no reason why you should not treat religion and the bible exactly like you treat the information you hear from the MSM. Question everything!