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Comment: I too visited their site Missy

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I too visited their site Missy

And it appears to me, that it is dormant, looks nice, but they are just holding it, not trying to get traffic, just holding it.

I see nothing wrong with that.

You know, during the campaign, many folks here complained bitterly about how much Ron Paul paid Benton, Tate, Wead and his staff. Many thought Ron Paul had grossly overpaid them.

So here's GRASSROOTS, which I am not, and many here are, and I don't understand why GRASSROOTS expect each other to SACRIFICE, while others who really let GRASSROOTS and the republiCANS down, it's OK for them to get $800K, but GRASSROOTS, who looked out for him, deserve NOTHING?

I feel like I'm standing for GRASSROOTS more than GRASSROOTS are standing for GRASSROOTS.