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Comment: Because I gave up wheat

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Because I gave up wheat

Because I gave up wheat months ago, and essentially follow a Paleo diet, I already drink the fresh lemon, water, & Grade B maple syrup cocktail several times during a normal day, just because I like it and it helps in keeping the body in a state of alkaline balance.

I will join you in practicing 40 days of discipline, but it may take a different form than fasting, as I have already lost 40 pounds.
Personally, I am not good about making the time to meditate/pray on a daily basis. This is the first commitment I want to make for the 40 day period.

The second commitment will be to give up all meat for those 40 days, (which is the mainstay of my Paleo regimen) and only eat vegetables, nuts and healthy fats like olives and avocados. My body has finally adjusted to being "wheat-free" and I don't want to mess with success by feeling deprived and tempted to return to bad eating habits, as you described in your tale of post-fasting indulgence. To me, that would defeat the whole purpose of practicing the discipline.

Thanks for suggesting that we think about this individually.