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Comment: This is what seperated RepubliCANS from Grassroots

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This is what seperated RepubliCANS from Grassroots

Your wife's remark was a perfect example of grassroots. Besides chip-ins, grassroots had nothing on the line'

RepubliCANS.. those of us who were national delegates (I was selected as a delegate by RP campaign, and Romney won CA, so his delegates went) We were dealing with A LOT.. stealth or not stealth.

And many were like me, never belonging to a major party before, having this IDEA that WE CAN BE RON PAUL.. we can vote for whoever we want.

Rand was a WAKE UP CALL to us. No one cared about Ron Paul or if he had a loyalty oath, or if he kept it.. but that was not the case for us. They were after us, to out us, anyway they could. So by thinking, I AM RON PAUL.. well, guess what? WE ARE NOT.

I couldn't believe Rand endorsed Romney (who could?), but I had to ask, "WHY???" Because he had a loyalty oath, and so Rand deserves credit for waking many of us up. We are not Ron Paul, and we do not have the luxury to vote as we please after the primary.

Now some folks will say, "The ballots are secret". These same people will tell you, THE GOP LIES, CHEATS, STEALS. So am I to believe that the same GOP is not going to look at my ballot, which I have to sign the envelope, so they know it's MY ballot?

Had Rand not made that announcement, many delegates would have been canned by the GOP for thinking we could be exactly like Ron Paul and openly support him.

So I think Rand is owed a huge THANK YOU, because in truth, many of Ron Paul's delegates would have never made it to the convention if they had not woken up to the loyalty oaths they took to be delegates.

Least we forget how many were not delegates because the refused to sign the loyalty oaths.

Like Ron Paul, Rand takes a learning curve. I'm learning from Rand, and for that, I appreciate him very much.