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Comment: I have to comment on this.

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I have to comment on this.

Recently you have written several posts asking questions, what is the DP good for, what is the purpose, what value in the large scheme of things does it bring. These are my parpahprased thoughts, not your exact words.

I came here after being awoken by the Ron/Rudy debate debacle, now famous, and have stayed ever since. At first I felt a kindred spirit here. We were people that recognized something that most Americans knew nothing about. I felt comfortable and welcome.

Since then I have learned so much, education is a really big part of the DP. Not only education in politics and economics, but the pages on health information are a true treasure that I am so thankful for.

Seeing people build their own chicken coups and food freedom are very important to me and here is where I not only find information but learn from experienced and intelligent people who debate any issue, both sides. This is invaluable. I can not say it more than that.

Also, I do not read a lot of other news. We do not have cable TV and only watch dvds. This is my news source, again, education.

In a way you are following in the good doctor's footsteps. He wants to educate the people so there will be a change of mind in the land and one day the government will relfect the will of the people (and repent - my hope and prayer). What you are doing is contributing to his goal and this is why the DP is so special and a true blessing in my life.

Thanks for all you do!