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Step by grueling step.

"I realize that we could be on the "list") But what are the Zionists and what Jews are they exterminating?"

What appears to me to be common sense has to do with a Power Struggle perspective.

Those who have the One Legal Fraud and Extortion POWER are few in number and they are very efficient at perpetuation their crimes in progress. They know.

Their victims do not know.

That is a balance of power, a check and balance type thing, and it is a balance that is heavily set in place like a scale (Blind lady holding the scale type thing) where the Legal Criminals have a thumb (very large thumb called falsehood) on the scale, so as to tip the balance in their favor.

The Legal Criminals manage to keep POWER flowing to them, from those who produce that POWER, and then they KNOW how to keep that POWER flowing that way.

The victims don't know.

Some of the victims find out.

When one of the victims find out, that is not so bad, it is one person.

What to do?

What do to?

The Legal Criminals know what to do, they do not have to ask anyone, it is, by now (centuries), a routine.

1. Destroy that person who knows.

Hold on, hold on, one of the Legal Criminals once said to another one.

Isn't there something we aught to consider other than destroying that one person, I mean, really, we may actually learn something from that one guy, so, how about something other than just going out and destroying that guy, or girl?

OK, Mr. Smarty Pants, what do you have in mind?

How about CO-OPTING that one guy and get him to be one of us?

What if he says no?

Then destroy him.

OK, sound good.

In practice, I'm imagining, there are many more ways to skin a cat than crushing people who figure it out, and that is one single person.

What about a group of people who figure it out?

Same thing.

1. Crush them.
2. Co-opt them.

Co-opting can include making the target believe in the Might making Right (crime) perspective, where the target knows that what there doing is evil, and bad, but fun, and profitable, while co-opting also includes making the target believe that their evil deeds are good in a false moral sense, where the victim is deceived into believing such lies as torturing and murdering babies is the only way to save the babies from torture and murder, or that, for an easy to understand (false) example: War is Good for THE Economy.


Crush them.
Co-op them.
Another evil criminal in the Cabal (a competitive one at that)
Another dupe turned from the path of Liberty (Righteousness) and onto the path of Legal Crime (deception for fun and profit, with some theft, torture, and mass murder thrown in for good measure: for their own good of course)

"But what are the Zionists and what Jews are they exterminating?"

Because those words are just false fronts used to cover up what is really going on. Zionists are just another flavor of Legal Criminal and Jews are just the specific list of individual people who are targeted because they are worth targeting for some reason, including the reasons that those people on that list have something worth stealing, and those people on that list represent a potential, or present, threat to the Legal Criminals running The Business Psycho.

"Section 4.
The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED."

That is as naked as evil can be, so it deserves a place in the official law (color of law or Legal Crime) book, let alone a tread on a forum.

"and Nystrom wants people to start posts...I think maybe the site may not stay interesting if we don't put up thought provoking stuff."

The honeymoon of Ron Paul creating a stir (natives were restless) is familiar. A similar thing happened with Ross Perot. Do you see any Ross Perot forums currently gaining currency?

"But if one starts too many posts and too many conversations work doesn't get done."

As naked a confession of absolute evil as is that quote from "our" Constitution is the simple fact that we are using pieces of paper for money whereby those pieces of paper are precise examples of fraud, current crime, in progress.

How stupid can stupid get?

If we feed even more of all God created into World War III, after the next "catalyzing event" (false flag) that is likely to happen soon, then the bar of just how stupid, We The People (targets) can get will be near the bottom.

But, I think it is true, that when a person thinks they have hit bottom, they are typically deceiving themselves, since it is a false bottom, so get ready to rumble.