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Comment: You have a point in that...

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You have a point in that...

...many religious people do what they do and say what they say because that's the way they have been brought up and 'indoctrinated'. However, I would caution you to draw a distinction between those kinds of 'believers' and those who have truly come to discover their own faith for themselves through thought, study, prayer, meditation, etc., not relying on others, whether they be priests or rabbis or parents telling them exactly which doctrine to believe or atheists/agnostics mocking them with weird distortions of what the Scriptures supposedly say (i.e. 'the sun rotates around the earth', etc.).

At the rate of gathering darkness in the world, you may have not much longer to wait to see this second coming that you openly mock; but then again it may be another two-thousand years or two million. For the person who dies today, it might as well be today.

Thankfully, I see ultimate hope in that even those who now spit on the idea of a God who Loves them will still find that Love unending, even beyond death. All things will be reconciled, whether on heaven or earth. The end of the story is good. :)