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Comment: I respect others opinions so long as they

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I respect others opinions so long as they

can clearly articulate them. I didn't sense that you did in your post, which is why I called it out; it sounded like baiting to me.

Anyways, I only asked you to bring up scripture because if we are siblings in Chirst, then we are commanded to refer to the scripture - if you believe a black person can't be a pastor and have no Biblical basis for that, then I could only correct/teach you via the scripture.

Or if I was wrong about a spiritual matter, you should bring it to my attention via the use of scripture.

Imho I believe that Paul was a prime example of a 'man of GOD' and *may* be the greatest individual testament to how much Christ can change an individuals life for the better - as far as I'm concerned Paul was used by the Holy Spirit to teach countless individuals about the truth and wonder of Christ, and that includes via his writings.

If you are no believer then we really have no spiritual basis to have a discussion - at that point it just becomes an issue of morality/freedom/opinion/whatever.

Plus I don't like non-believers attacking my beliefs ad hominem - there are many good, constructive arguments against my beliefs and while imho they all fail at some point, at least they can make for good discussion.

That's all I got. If I'm coming out of left field or misunderstanding what you are saying I am sorry. No harm no foul.

"The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle."