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Using the power of understanding?

"I realize that is a lot of text, but it seems that McFadden was speaking of the problem with Asset Currency and LaRouche wants to go back to a Credit based currency and bear does not know the difference between them or really, what a good currency would be. Except that Joe says that the Good faith and credit of the American people is basis for a currency and that currency can be rocks…rocks of any size and shape. Currency can be pieces of paper traded based upon the time and hardness of labor. Currency can be anything as long as there is competition and I suppose we should add the word voluntary to it?."

Ok, so how does competition work?

A Democratic Federated Republic (example provided by The Articles of Confederation) allows Sovereign States to join, or secede, at will.

You want to stay in the Union, you pay your Union dues, in Gold and Silver, or Oil, or Electricity, or whatever is worked out through Equitable Commerce (deals/contracts/negotiations/discussion/offers/counter offers/etc.) as time goes by.

Each State is either/or better at managing local concerns, and each State wants to be in the Union because one State has only so much Defensive Power in case The British, or Chinese, or anyone with a large army of criminals on a rampage of Aggressive War for Profit is through the Gate and inside the country, raping, pillaging, etc.

Many State combine in case of invasion by a large army.

But each State is competing with each other State for volunteers to join the fun and profit of doing whatever one State does better than the other.

Making money?

Try one State run by a LaRouche type Sovereign Sate.

Being Liberated?

Try another State run by a Ron Paul type Sovereign State.

Torturing and murdering for fun and profit?

Tray another State run by Obama and Bernanke.

What is so hard to understand about voluntary competition as opposed to involuntary monopoly?

"And then again, you used the word "understand," not just know, so maybe I am approaching the 1%."

I am employing my bear spiritual education when I find use for the term understanding.

"Does not wisdom cry out, And understanding lift up her voice?"

"A bait and switch routine? LaRouche keeps talking coupe de ta…like Obama will have to incorporate one to stay in power. I almost wonder if LaRouche wants one of his own to get into power as a 2nd incarnate of FDR."

If the man put his money where his mouth was then he would see the wisdom of returning this Consolidated Nation State into a Democratic Federated Republic of as many Separate and SOVEREIGN States as those that desired to join and pay the Union dues.

If the man wants to command the cabal, then he wants to enforce the Monopoly here at home.

What a shame?

Can some of the victims know better: smell a rat and call one out, see what the rat has to say when light is shined on him?

Presumed to be innocent until proven guilty?

"LaRouche wants a National Work Project and a national credit based currency like that of Hamilton’s First Bank."

The wisdom there, in my opinion, is along the lines of stepping back to a time and a situation that is an improvement over today, and the idea is to do so gradually so as to minimize destruction.

I can see that as being wise, I can't see Hamilton's plans as being a goal.

"Joe, that is very interesting. Very interesting indeed. You read between the lines and pick up on financial information while everyone else is thinking about a court case to get Obama impeeched…"

Trial by Jury worked, so court cases can work, but not when the Legal Criminals are making the rules, and running the courts.