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Comment: Do Nothing--Get Nothing

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Do Nothing--Get Nothing

I remember back a month or so ago when the AK GOP was on the DP with an article quoting Millette as complaining that the reigning AK GOP leadership hadn't given him what he needed to begin working into his new position and thinking, "What sort of chairman elect waits around for people to give him things?"

I'm not sure what Millette's been doing since he was chairman-elect, during his "internship," but if his statements then and in the current AK Dispatch linked below is any indication, it's not much.

Leadership positions require...well, leadership. Not gripping how you didn't get stuff. Leadership of organizations like the AK GOP require that you be able to understand and speak to folks under a big umbrella, which includes conservatives of all stripes. Not just the liberty-right.

I'm no Ruedrich fan, but at least this guy got himself in trouble for doing too much. Millette got himself in trouble, it seems, from doing pretty much nothing.