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After hurricane IKE destroyed my mustang in late 2008- I got yellow convertible Tbird. It was a DEFINITE looker, and the first thing I did was put the "Ron Paul '12- the change you wanted"(pic is in my profile) on my back window- visible to everyone who was behind me.
I drove that car for 4 years until I sold it to carmax in june of 2012.
I had never, in the entire time i drove the car, NEVER did one person say anything, smile at me- flip me off- NOTHING!! and I live in his district!! I was trveling the roads and wondering when/if someone was ever going to mention anything about my highly arrogant bumper sticker. OObamas slogas was hope and change" and i was dissing obama with what that sticker said.
I always wondered when the day would come that someone might roll down a window and say something but never happened.

Then, the last day of ownership, even the last two miles, I drove it I was almost to carmax (where I was going to sell it) and was on the feeder road on I45. I pulled up to a stop light and saw HER coming from my driver side rear view!lol
Her head was boppin and weaving back and forth.. she was pointing and I saw her lips moving and she pulled up along side of me and rolled to a stop! here was this 300lb black woman- trying to roll down her window. She was a passenger in the front seat of this old blazer and a white kid half her age was driving! Im looking at her now and she was SERIOUS! She was trying to roll down the window but it only came down an inch- so what did she do? She opened her door and turned her big body as if she was going to climb out and come and attack me. No smiles, just her lips moving, head jerking talking to herself but I had my window rolled up- so I lowered it to hear what she was saying! Half her body out of the car she was saying

"He a GOOD man, Dr. Paul! He a DAMN GOOD Man!" She yelled! Cars were ll around and this woman was YELLING! The light was still red we were first in line.
"I love me some Dr. Paul!" she exclaimed! Her body was jerking, and shaking! Head rollin- the whole nine! "Me and my mama was stuck out in the middle of NO WHERE at a gas station done ran out a gas! We didnt know what we was gone do. No money! broke as broke."
Im smiling at this point. she went on to say
"Here come dis man, walkin up bahind me inside the stoe, told dat man to let me fill up! He bought us a FULL tank of gas and saved our life. didnt even know who we WERE!" she YELLED!
"Oh! he a good man. We didnt know what we were gonna do! We was at a stow out in Brazoria and in the middle of NO WHERE and here comes dis ANGEL SENT from GOD himself! He just hand dat man $30 and say let her fill up!"
OOOOH dat man GOOD!" She was almost crying!
Then, all of sudden- she climbed back in the car, looked straight ahead, closed her door rolled up her window and they drove off.

I couldnt have had a better moment.
It made all those years of wondering why no one said anything- worth it! and the black girl who priced my car for carmax, the carmax appraiser- because I told her when she went to test drive it, I said "OOOH you have a HOT body and will look fine in that car"
she gave me the maximum book value she was allowed and never said a word to me. I was selling it straight out and needed the money for something else and I got IT!
The lord and his angels were working that- day! I just know it!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016