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Comment: ((((((((((((ERROR, Please contact SITE ADMN)))))))))))))))

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((((((((((((ERROR, Please contact SITE ADMN))))))))))))))) : There was an error loading the order. Please contact a site administrator.

I was just upgrading my membership to premium and got the above message after going thru and comfirming at paypal and then choosing to come back to the DP site.

I've checked my Paypal and the subscription change is showing up.

However, I did note that it looks like it is an echeck coming out of my bank account now. I am thinking prior to the upgrade the money was coming directly out of my paypal account. I don't know if that is the problem or not...I didn't see any options to change where the money was coming from and it doesn't matter to me either way.

Since I got the error message, I want to be sure everything is OK at your end and that I now have a Premium $10 subscription. Thanks :)