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Comment: You have to break them in slowly

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You have to break them in slowly

Whenever I tell people the whole story that's unfolded over time they get overwhelmed or think I'm a kook.

You just drop bread crumbs. Eventually they will find their way. First I convinced my mother through some comments to register as a republican. She voted for Romney. I didn't have enough time to fully open her eyes. She's almost there. But even my Democrat father likes Dr. Pauls views.

The major thing is "why vote for someone who can't win" or "you stole votes away from X candidate.

Remember, it's not only a year long debacle. It takes four years. So we have four more years to turn people on to the message of liberty and real money.

Even my son knows everything now and he's 12. He actually sat through the whole pre RNC Ron Paul rally and he can't sit still for 5 minutes most times, and he watched a lot of the RNC with me as well. I tell him to never discuss politics in school because it may make him look kooky, or embarrass his teachers (although he did school a teacher recently on the caste system last week after asking me - today she put him in detention for something silly) or make me look like a kook too. I worry about that kind of stuff. A lot of teachers and staff don't like it when people question the status quo or history or people who support a third party candidate or people who are politically active but support "someone who can't win" "someone who is 'racist'" "someone who is an isolationist", &c.

That's what people do. So you have to plant a seed of doubt and leave a bread crumb so people can learn their own way.

Last week two 401K companies were courting us, me in me office next door, and the rep telling staff that a lot of young people will just stick their cash into a 2% bond or what have you and they should invest in the stock market. I almost walked in and started yelling about how in late '06 or early '07 being fairly young I put all my investments into low yield guaranteed bonds while everyone else did not listen and lost 1/3 of their retirement. I told people a bubble was gonna pop soon. I advised my employees. Of course most of the young people weren't putting in 10% as I did.

Young people are a lot more intelligent than most of us think. They might not have the best street smarts and do stupid things like I did, but they are intelligent and have healthier brains than older people. We always need to educate the youth and teach by example on what real money is, about the FED, politics, liberty, history, morality and anything and everything they are interested in. Kids pick up on things really fast. I tried to turn my son onto Tom Woods but he got real bored real fast. No offense to Tom Woods. It's just not geared to kids.

But again, leave him asking questions to himself. Don't try to be superior. Be respectful. At least he wasn't digging a grave when you met him like a girl's stepdad I dated once.