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Comment: and yet...

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and yet...

Millette did nothing to stop the outflow of funds. Right? We've no record of him doing anything about it. We've no record of any leadership on his part. We've no record -- and in fact Millette's admission that he's failed to do anything about the moving of funds or about being concerned with funds at all. He didn't do anything. It's kind of a thing, you know, that the head of a state rep. party would want to do things. Millette hasn't.

Joe Miller?

It may well be that Alaskan conservatives, who know something about Miller's leadership, know how the guy threw reporters out of his public appearances, had them arrested, because he didn't like the direction of the questions. Oh yes, even those reporters who were all alternative-y; you know the sorts we're supposed to admire.

Don't assume that everyone who puts a Liberty sash around their neck has anything to do with Liberty.