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Comment: They are hasbarat trolls

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They are hasbarat trolls

They seem similar because they have been trained in the same tactics. Defend Israel at all costs, using insults, disinformation, and character assassination, and if all else fails, attempt to silence criticism by calling the enemy an "anti-semite", is the name of the game.

Both FBI_Exposer and Liberty_First love straw men and ad hominem attacks. Except FBI likes to back peddle and distract a lot when he starts taking flak. He starts out deriding anti-Zionists, then he's suddenly an anti-Zionist too --and oh, look over there-- he wants to end foreign aid. He intentionally draws no distinction between Israel, its leaders, its people, or "the jews" and equates the criticism of one with the criticism of all. Whenever he gets cornered, all he can do is trot out some European Jewish Y-DNA bullshit to justify his accusations of "anti-semite" and name-call. Typical hasbarat. After you've seen a few, it becomes quite easy to spot them.