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I Hope that you didn't call B.S. on ME! The night that I wrote that a check was on the way, I wrote the check, adressed the envelope, put my return address on.. and as I was out of stamps I left it on my desk. Well if your desk looks anything like my desk it promply got buried under other papers. To my horror.. I CLEANED! (Not like me at all) and there it was ! My first thought was " Michael thinks I was "Blowing Smoke". to make myself look good to my fellow Paulers ", then, "I am such a dumbass, in addition to also being a slob"

Going to the P.O. tomorrow and the check will really be in the mail, even tho in my mind and heart you already had my little check in your Liberty Loving hands for some days.

P.S. Its made out to you .

Disorganized in GR