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I don't

know why the authorities are pushing for people to stop smoking. I smoked for 44 years and quit March 12. My nerves are shot--I honestly don't know how to deal with life without a cigarette--it was my coping mechanism. My health sucks. I can barely breathe, have gained a ton of weight and have other health issues, as well. They (doctors) don't know what's wrong with me, except they have finally determined that I do NOT have COPD--but what I do have, they have yet to ascertain!! I have met several people like myself--long-time smokers who quit then lose their health. I am thinking that perhaps if one has only smoked a short time (like a few years) that it would be beneficial to quit...but that long-term smokers have a 50-50 chance of getting healthier...or getting sicker.

I had tried to quit a few times in my younger day to no avail. I had wanted to quit again for at least a year--it made me mad that a little 2-3 inch thing was stronger than me, the cost of smoking was really getting exorbitant {I was going to quit when they went to 35 cents--LOL), but mostly I wanted to quit because if the SHTF, I want ONLY to concern myself with helping my family and friends--I don't want to deal with a monkey on my back. This fact, I think, is the ONLY reason I haven't gone back to smoking.

Frequently it becomes a quantity vs. quality issue. I have always been about quality. My friends and family think it's great that so much time has passed since I've smoked--and think I should be proud of myself. I'm not. Like I mentioned above, I am absolutely miserable--so what I haven't smoked in 10 months, my quality of life leaves much to be desired.

For those considering quitting, please do not let my experience influence you one way or the other--and good luck.

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