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I can say that it is my fortune to have had your care directed at me. I can think (slightly) in terms of what may be Christian.

Example (for your considered opinion):

If we mere humans do not really know time, or anything God created, then our actions could cause our unique place in our unique world to unfold our own, unique, way.

Each decision we make moves the self we are in that direction.

There may also be, because we don't really know time, or anything really, compared to what God knows, and his son too, so there may also be another us, another self that goes on the path we choose otherwise, a path that is determined by a choice made by a self that made a worse choice then the self we are in, the real me, I make this choice, and I go this way.

My other self, every choice, a different choice, not me, but the other me making another choice, goes that way, not the way I go, each choice, each moment of decision, one way, or the other.

So, thinking that way, I'm in control.

I had better make the right choices.

Does that sound similar to someone being Christian?

Oh, as to the "news" (competitive) offered by John Pilger.

Unfortunately that all sound too accurate, too true, and in fact: reality.