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yes, twice

in washington state, i was driving home from sturgeon fishing and got pulled over when i was driving through vancouver.i called a friend so someone would know what was happening and while i was on the phone, the officer walked up to my car and put his gun up to my head and told me that if i did not hang up the phone, he would shoot me.he then told me i was drunk and had me take the sobriety test and blow on the breathalyzer.i had never drank alcohol in my life and he handcuffed me and charged me with dui.a couple of weeks later, i was driving home from seattle at night again and the same thing happened again about 30 miles south of tacoma.both times they held me in jail while i pleaded not guilty and told me that they would hold me in jail until i pled guilty.the first time i pled guilty after a couple of weeks just to get out of jail.the second time i held out for 6 months before i finally pled guilty and they let me go.i still had never drank any alcohol in my life, but after the last one i tried it for the first time.