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Likewise my friend,

"Let me know if you find a new place to connect to people who desire discussion as a way of improving perspective and I'll tag along if you want, and I can do the same.

Thank you so much, there is no way I can repay you - ever."

I am hoping maybe that fundraising may continue as well as this site. I've upgraded my subscription to Premium at $10 a month. $120 a year...that is a lot Jeff says, but he did it for my birthday. That was kind of him.

You have not been censored here, right?

I think the forum host is generous to allow all the bickering and wild ideas that go on here, not speaking of you and me, but just the atmosphere. It is feels free and generous and I like it. It does not feel stiff here, and the people here, I think we are all nut cases, there are some geniuses though!

Michael Nystrom said we were a fringe site. I think that is true. I am on the fringe most of the time in life. Not much like other people. I like deep conversations, most people don't know what to say back to me.