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"I want my $250.00 State Convention fees returned.
I was elected at my District level to go and represent my neighbors. I did that.
The entire body cast valid votes and the outcome of those votes elected Russ Millette as CHAIRMAN!
We did NOT elect him to be a Financial chair....I doubt you or any of the Establishment did anything if very little
to help Russ as he began his Leadership role.
Basically, you and your 17 or so puppets disenfranchised nearly 500 delegates. You all are destroying the Party from within.
as You well know, the Republicans have been fighting for change for a long time, we all have had enough of the old
guard pushing liberal candidates down our throats.
So, I want my money back!
The convention was nothing but a SHAM, you gaveled us out and encouraged people to NOT attend the reconvene.
We spent money to go to Fairbanks, where you had a temper tantrum and gavels us out once again.
SO for all of you and your henchmen and women (certainly not ladies) voting to not have filming up in Fairbanks,
there was sure a lot of filming these last couple of meetings including LIVE STREAM by Casey Reynolds.
The kangaroo court really proved themselves ridiculous to a broad audience on January 31.
Even Reynolds, who I rarely agree with, said Russ was removed with just cause!
you have become the laughing stock of many. A sad and pathetic 'legacy'.
Most likely there will be civil and criminal lawsuits brought.
Not a fine finish Randy, you cold have done do much more for the Party then to sully it with the reputation of being unlawful, arrogant and corrupt."

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift