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Comment: so, she was there BEFORE the police?

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so, she was there BEFORE the police?

but NOT before a firetruck...and DURING the actual "crime"?

so, if she heard gunfire and her child was in the school, she hunkered down over by a firetruck?

with my kid in the school? i don't think so...and her and another parent carried on a casual conversation? "oh, look, the window by the buzzer is shattered? isn't that strange?" and THEN she was "ushered" to safety by...wait a minute, they never said, did they?

sounds like BS to me...made up BS!

its NOT how i'm gonna act, i can promise you that...the school is quiet, my child is in there, no one is around (initially), the glass is broken and NOW I hear gunfire...and MY child is in there? guess what, my THIS sceanario, i'm going in and NO ONE is stopping me!

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