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Comment: Not too many saw that article

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Not too many saw that article

I prefer to comment on Yahoo main page articles. The main page articles are seen by many thousands, if not tens of thousands.

Only 420 comments on the Ron Paul article, whereas many front page go over 10,000 comments. So I just get in there and think of something clever to say that spreads the general message in one way or another. I spend quite a bit of time doing it and feel good to see attitudes changing. This gun law thing has woken many of the masses, now...I post to tip the scales further, you never know, even if just a few a day read something I posted that rings a bell in their head that the whole news thing is corrupt, then....woo hoo! Success.

As far as Buffolo gal...ironic that she should appear on that article. I have not nonticed her (or him, how knows) posting on their other articles lately. Back during the primaries, buffalo gal tended to all articles about Ron Paul, she did it with a fever; am pretty sure she/he is paid to be there. is a good outlet to kill time and comment...also do the thumbs up and thumbs down to help send good ones to the most popular and keep them there. If you read the comments there, it is nice to see the slow awakening of the general public on there...the message is slowly getting through...much better than a year ago...don't let up!!! :)