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Comment: Happy Birthday bear!

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Happy Birthday bear!

You're so cute. I didn't even know you were a girl, until today today. Or if I did, I forgot. But tonight, I met a sweet girl at a bar, and I'm reminded, that girl energy is different from boy energy.

She was 29, and was going to grad school at MGH. MGH? I knew that as my wife's employer: Mass General Hospital, recently ranked the top hospital in the country, ahead of Johns Hopkins for the first time every. It was a big deal here in Boston. Like a passing of the torch. Like, wow. Like, big.

But I didn't realize they had a grad school. But they do, and Casey (but not like Casey Casem) - Like KC and the Sunshine band, goes there. Out in Charlestown, which is where KC works.

For me, that is a beautiful movie - The Town. The star is Boston. My hometown. For now. The Departed as well. But do you see? I'm learning the "history" of Boston as written by Hollywood. Speaking of which, I like Matt Damon. I believe his heart is in the right place. He is earnest. I believe he cares. These are the ones we need to target: The ones who care.

Leonardo DiCaprio obviously cares. He was just, apparently, misinformed.

Thank you Jeff! You've got yourself a jewel. Never let her go. (Bear, be sure to tell him I said that!)

Thank you bear. I truly appreciate your contributions here.

Because you let me, I know that you also let many, many more than me know: We're not alone. There are others out there like us. They may be few and far between. And though we may never even meet any in real life (though I have been lucky enough to meet my wife, and a few others other), at least we know. There are others like us in the world.

Thank you bear. It warms my heart. It warms my heart because I know there are many places that money can be spent, and I know that money is tight. And in this world it has become the case - though I know in my heart that it should not be - that money is love.

Money has been conflated with love in our era. But this is the world we live in.

Through all of world history, through all the eras, all the dynasties, all the empires, all the countries - all the anarchy, all the tyranny, all the democracy! All the human machinations of every kind. All the system tried and discarded. This is the one we're in now. Its own secret combination on the safe of history! This is the one we're in now.

All I want to do is look at it. Examine it. What does it mean? What are the factions trying to achieve? What is going on? Everyone, play your roles!


And when we all do that, without thinking, only in response to our most inner, most base instincts, what we see is God's will at work.