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Comment: Some advice...

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Some advice...

I've been buying Silver, never seem to have enough $ for Gold ;-(

Same principles apply though...
Go for "Bullion Coins", not Collectables.
Shop around for best price above "spot" (Price on charts from, don't forget about shipping costs.
Watch for any "Special Offers".

1 Ounce Coins (Eagles, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, etc.) are your best bet. Smaller sizes are available, but the cost per ounce goes up as the sizes go down.

Check here for a list of dealers/prices and here

Read Peter Schiff's guide here...

Pick a dealer (or two), set up an account, watch the charts for a "Dip", then BUY!

Don't worry when the price goes down just after you buy, it always does that! Check back in a month or two. ;-)