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Comment: Visit local coin shops

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Visit local coin shops

or cash for gold places. I sell bullion coins myself and I also sell bars the problem is that I run out of inventory very quickly. The markup you can expect at most places is 5% above spot if you are buying and just a few bucks below spot if you are selling normally about 3%. Make sure you know the troy ounce gold content of the coin or bar not the troy ounce of its weight. There is a difference since most coins are usually between 21 karat to 22 karat. I like the Krugerands personally because they don't have a denomination and the gold content is exactly one troy ounce allthough the coin as a whole is heavier. I'm going to leave a public dropbox link up for the next day or two so you can download a pdf of an old gold booklet I have. It's a great quickstarter for buying. Here is the link:

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