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What's wrong with it?

What's wrong with it?

Well, just as for any other commercial about governments-owned military forces - in whatever country:

our taxes paid for it. That's the very FIRST THING WRONG.

Q: are our (men's) taxes paying for feminine products commercials?
A: no.

Q: are their (women's) taxes paying for male products commercials?
A: no.

Q: then, why would ANY citizen's taxes pay for commercials about governments-owned FORCE-AT-GUN POINT (now, potentially including AGAINST the people themselves)?
A: no defensible reason.

Even assuming we'd accept the idea of a government-controlled military (hence, somehow, tax payer-supported), they shouldn't even have to make commercials to excite the people's patriotic fiber/encourage joining. People ought to feel compelled to do so, by themselves (join and serve) - that'd be a much healthier sign of what it is ACTUALLY about.


just noticed herbrp made the same point below, before. Even shorter.

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