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Which Constitution? The

Which Constitution? The organic or the corporate one?

My 'given' name is Clay Adam. My 'sir' name is Carey

Clay Adam Carey is a fiction, created by and through the goberment documents that contain that name. I am NOT a surety for that fiction, but the Beneficiary. Need proof? What does that "security" line on your check say? (Your checks and where you sign) The line with the small, almost un-noticed little 'mp' after it? You sign YOUR name right across the top of this 'line'.I assume,that you knew this line was actual print, but others may not know. When you 'sign' a check, you are signing as the "authorized agent" FOR the fiction(al) you.

Good example: You go to court. Your asked, are you "clay adam carey"?
Then you say "yes"....or you state your name as such...

What proof do you (or they) have? Were you witness to your own birth?
Was ANYONE in the court room? You (they) have ONLY hearsay as evidenced by PAPERS. Side note: MOST of these kind of 'papers' were not needed prior to 1933.

Government is ONLY a FICTION. It can ONLY compel action or demand performance from other fictions. Thus, the "all capitol you". It only has the "power" you give it. It IS IN YOUR MIND ONLY.

QUIT contracting with these un-educated heathenistic bastards and start living as a free man, Subject ONLY to your creator and as protected by the constitutions, both Federal and State.

If you OBEY one statute, one regulation, or one "law", out of fear from government retaliation, then you are a SLAVE. YOUR GOOD FOR NOTHING EXCEPT DOING THE BIDDING OF YOUR MASTERS.

It's called, "CIVIL" disobediance. QUIT TALKING about it and LIVE IT.
Learn how to say, "I am NOT going to follow your damned orders anymore, I want to be left alone by you money grabbing highway robbers and desk sitting thiefs".

We don't need to hide. We don't need to "take back our government". WE NEED TO SHOW THAT WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT!We need to ignore them and stop their funding.

Venting is done...before anyone starts giving me a "practice what you preach, speech, feel free to look me up on Missouri's case net, (the missouri courts system). My family has paid dearly for my learning process, but I AM learning. Any idea's?...e-mail to: dallascounty at

And I feel "FREE" for the first time in my life.

Weebles, this post was not directed AT you. Most of what has been stated, you already knew (if not all).

The grand hypocrisy of it all, is that the goberment had it right when they were teaching us all how to, "Just Say No".

Good night my friend.