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another pathetic taunt from the one person who has been the MOST WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING for the last 93 weeks and who is so broke he posted in another thread that he had to sell all of his guns just to survive.

"I think there will be one more rigged sell-off over the next 2-4 weeks, then watch out" ....over and over and over and over and over.

"This fall is going to be EPIC", said repeatedly in the weeks leading up to the september 2011 COLLAPSE of silver prices.

There is nothing "mysterious" about me choosing not to WASTE MY TIME TRYING TO HELP PEOPLE who have NO INTEREST in BEING RIGHT or in MAKING MONEY. All I get is grief and insults from know-nothing know-it-alls who repeat their "keep stacking" mantra and pat each other on the back while ridiculing all dissenters.

Why don't you inquire where beardeus is? haven't seen him in here since you got him to dump a bunch of money into worthless leap calls (SLV).