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Comment: Wise words, Mr. Nystrom

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Wise words, Mr. Nystrom

A few colleagues and I have worked much of our lives researching and building small working models of alternative culture.

Decades later, I find myself happily and successfully living, if not a complete one, but a nice hybrid alternative culture for myself and loved ones.

Based on my experience, the seeking, questioning, trials and tribulations of the quest somewhere along the line transitioned to an actual wake-up-in-the-morning to my own little sphere of alternative culture.

That is my great pay-off for this mostly lonely, misunderstood, difficult and (in the early decades) un-rewarded search for a better path forward for ourselves and for the children of the world.

For the young people reading this, please take the message of this video to heart and get started. At the least, you may end up with some great advantages to utilize after the collapse. At that time, we will need a global, vital and visionary group of artists and teachers who can forge a re-boot to Civilization 2.0 with all the proper upgrades in place.