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Comment: Used to deal with this years ago

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Used to deal with this years ago

One time I remember being wide awake and feeling like one force was pulling me down while one was pulling me upward and it was putting tremendous pressure on my body. I could not yell out for help or move but I could hear the TV on in the next room which I thought was strange as it was the middle of the night. All of sudden it broke and I kind of fell back on the bed(I think my back was arched) I got up and ran out of the room to see why the TV was on and my little sister had snuck downstairs and was watching TV while she was suppose to be in bed.

Later in my twenties, I experienced it on a regular basis, being awake but not being able to move or speak..once while hearing really beautiful music.

I remember telling my tough guy ex-boyfriend about it and he kind of pooh poohed me like I was nuts. Then one night he was crashing at my house on the couch and it happened to him. I ever saw such a big baby in my life. I didn't have to worry about him wanting to crash on the couch again. :o)