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Comment: DON'T GIVE UP

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All those that say let the republican party die don't get it. This has nothing to do with the republican party, we fight on all fronts, taking over the Republican party is merely one front we fighting on. The airborne are trained to fight the enemy in a surrounded position because they are surrounded.

Whenever you get opposition like this means you found the enemy and you don't run from the enemy, infact you smile and say hell yeah, some enemy to take on. If you in a place where there is no opposition then you are wasting your time because you need to seek out the enemy.

With our numbers, tactical use of said numbers is optimal in these kind of places because the masses are not politically involved, sure in big elections they swamp our numbers, but funnily enough not so much in the actual political process, if the Ron Pauler could actually understand this concept we would easily crush the Republican party, if every Ron Paul vote got involved instead of crying when losing in the big elections then the next RNC would be run by Ron Paul poeple and not banker est neo-cons.