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Comment: Let me run a 'hypothetical' senario by you

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Let me run a 'hypothetical' senario by you

The West, as defined in modern history, is undergoing a rapid, and catastrophic, economic decline. The reasons we won't go into here, but centered around greed, corruption and incompetent decision making.

There is an impending power shift to the East, both economically and militaristically, within the foreseeable future.

The Achillies heel of China is the reliance on the importation of raw materials and natural resources.

The PTB in the West, in order to counter that shift, have embarked on a course of strategic control, through militaristic intervention, predominently US and NATO, to take possession and control the wealth of natural resources in the Middle East and North Africa. The key element to power, is possession and control.

Neither China, India or even Korea and Russia present an existential threat to the West of itself, but there exists, in the face of interventionism, a common threat that forces a common alliance, and combined resistance.

Israel exists as a 'Western' power in the Middle East, and a controlling factor thereof, threatened only by Iran with any future nuclear capability provided to it.

The goal is world domination, the threat is world war. Big stakes, big risks in the name of "The New World Dis-Order".

End of hypothetical.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
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