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our strength is

being politically involved, this should be our motto, every single person here must sign up to something, if you busy and got a family then merely signing in the smallest position and goto a meeting every 4 months is doing your bit, if you reading this and not involved then you are wasting your time.

An example in strong democrat states, winning key positions in the republican state party should be a walk in the park and using the state vote is powerful. In the recent RNC chairmen vote, that dude going against Rience struggled to find states to EVEN GET NOMINATED... WHY!!!!! If Ron Paulers could merely win over 7 states and not only rely on Nevada and Maine then we would be a power to contend with. Maine and Nevada has proven how much trouble 2 SATES can make against the NEO-CONS.

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS CONCEPT IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND!!! our resources should be thrown into this big time. This has nothing to do with BEING A REPUBLICAN.. screw the republican party, this is merely a means to an end... DO YOU REALLY THINK RON PAUL CARES ABOUT BEING A REPUBLICAN, he swore an oath to the constitution and did not follow the party line, HE IS A CLEVER MAN and saw the best path to success and he USED THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ..... be American and use the parties like toilet paper.