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Well, ultimately.

To be quite fair to the indigenous people of that land, this did create quite the problem to be sure. No one can deny this fact. Now, there is good evidence to suggest that many European countries did not want a major influx of Jewish refugees, much like Roma (Gypsies) are now seen as a nuisance to many Europeans. Anti-Jewish sentiment still existed after the war, and some allied and neutral countries continued to have suspicions that the Jewish people at least played some role in the war. This anti-semitisim did exist prior to WW1 and came to a head during the economic downturn that preceded World War 2. Many Europeans even came to blame the Jews, and not Serbian terrorists, for the assassination of Franz Ferdinand which led to WW1.

Now, looking at it from a perspective of if it should have happened - my answer is, unfortunately, no. It should not have taken place. Prior to Israel being established as a nation state, indigenous Hebrews, Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived in that region without much conflict, albeit under British, and once Ottoman rule. The issue of contention was that the British Empire, still in control of the world currency, and flexing its imperialistic imperatives, decided to do this, without so much as consulting anyone else in the region. At the time, the region was considered to be dominated by savages and so forth. Now, looking at what really happened, many Palestinians were displaced, and this cannot be denied. The state of Israel adopted a theocratic republic that would allow anyone of Jewish heritage to move there, which would kind of being like if you had a claim to being Roman, you could automatically gain Italian citizenship. It does not make any sense, except to super-religious people.

Thus, many Jewish families who traced their lineage to Europe alone, and not the "promised land" of Judea, found themselves moving there, and considering it their holy land. The problem, of course, being, that all 3 world religions have had a casus belli on this land (or cause for war under Christian Just War Theory) due to the nature of all 3 religions springing from this area. Thus, the only result could be conflict.

Mind you, however, that whats done is done, and cannot and should not be reversed. However, in the spirit of the UN Charter, I do believe that this violated it. Indeed, I also believe that Israel should comply with UN resolution 242 calling for 67 borders. Prior to this, the UN only recognized the 48 borders, and according to the UN, no nation can gain land from war following World War 2. This obviously makes sense as a world policy, since it deters nations from trying to annex land.

It is also the reason why the US failed to get UN support to invade Iraq. The entire point of the UN is to prevent war and not subsidize it, although the US and Britain have used their might in the last during Korea to make that a matter of discontent. So, really, no Israel should not have been created. But it has, and what they are doing now is far more important than what happened before. The settlement program needs to end and they need to go back to the 1967 borders, remove the blockades and physical walls through Gaze and the West Bank, and absolutely dismantle the settlements. The settlements encompass almost all of the West Bank to the point that it barely exists any more as a Palestinian entity. Israel cannot annex Gaza or build settlements on the strip because incorporating it into Israel proper would give the Palestinians living there the majority throughout all of Israel. The Knesset would be overrun by Palestinians and that would be end of the theocratic state.

So if you look at what is really going on, we are looking at the slow but sure elimination of an indigenous people as a culture, as a race, and so forth, whether intentional or not. Nation states always subjugate the indigenous peoples of a land to gain more territory and this is quite unfortunate. In the case of the Palestinians, there is nothing left, but Gaza is still one of the more densely populated areas in the world, and so they have built giant walls around it and so forth to prevent any interaction with the outside world. This is a policy of the state of Israel and not Jews themselves, which should be understood as being quite mutually exclusive.