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Comment: Memory is good. Memory is mandatory.

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Memory is good. Memory is mandatory.

Yes, Michael, thank you for this opportunity I'm jumping on:

Memory is good. Memory is mandatory. If we understand the importance of individuals, we also understand:

It's not about our races and past resentment between those. It's not about who was martyr last. Or who will be abuser next. It's not about the originating countries we're from. (Duh. America IS a very young country - what is 230+ years? - AND THUS, a country BUILT by her caring immigrants).

It's not about our religions (or absence thereof) either. Duh. Everybody presumably comes here, in this country, first generation, ALSO for the 1st Amendment, and the 9 other of the Bill of Rights.

So, what it is about that we need to remember be wary of on this picture?

It's about the ARBITRARY:

that one originating from WAR AND FORCE ONLY BECAUSE OF abusive government.

And how it always end up denying...

... the individual.

No matter which boogeyman race will be most convenient. Or boogeyman religion. Or boogeyman whatever. Moral Hazard through GROUP THINK abstraction. JARS and LABELS for human beings - for the "greater good of the majority".

Divide and Conquer : the evergreen strategy of abusive government, TO JUSTIFY ITSELF "to maintain order" and "protect groups" (ONLY those groups deemed "lawful" and "moral" - by them ... of course!)


THAT is what I'd like us all to remember. America was meant to be the country of the individual - FIRST. Rights for PERSONS. Not castes. Not classes. Not [whatever classifier].

On Collectivism vs. Individualism, a recent, OUTSTANDING listen, btw (to protect us from such ANTI-American Spirit infamies as recalled in Michael's post):


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