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Northstar proposed that this be adopted for the DP ;>

I am working on a sign for my farm/nursery/home

Submitted by cultivator on Thu, 03/04/2010
Let me know what you think, what should I add? exclude?



Please Notice : Posted Herein : Private Property
No Trust Passing Under Penalty of Prostitution
Entering this private property is an agreement to
abide by all guidelines set by the private property
owner(s). Guidelines are subject to change at owner
will & whim. Drive really slow - seriously. Do not
disturb the peace. Conduct your social or business
matters in a timely and professional manner. No
dying on premises allowed. If you, your pet, your
child or your guest makes any messes - you clean
it up. If you, your pet, your child or your guest
breaks anything - you just bought it, you better fix
it like new, or you best compensate appropriately for
the damages. If you hurt yourself it’s your own fault
(really) - so pay attention. This is a Farm & Nursery
and sometimes it’s dirty and/or smelly. No smoking
unless it’s green (and you may be required to share).
If you cause any problems at all - whatsoever - the
property owner(s) reserves all lefts and will deal with
the issue on a personal basis without the aid of any
“authorities”. Government employees, contractors,
agents, and wannabes shall not pass the gate without
prior permission to be granted only by the private
property owner(s) in writing via postal mail services:
ABC123XYZ Farm c/o Unlikely to Happen Department
358 S Underlook Dr, Near Portland, Oregon (zip exempt).
Pack out what you pack in. No Cell phones allowed.
Enjoy your visit and be nice. Have a wonderful day.


: love, peace, and prosperity ~ always ~ to lisa and fanofwalt :

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