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Mine's not as fun. I was at the gas station a couple weeks after the election and the guy at the pump behind my car looked at me and said, "Who'd you vote for in the general?" I was a little surprised by that random question, but realized he must have been looking at my bumper sticker because at the same time I noticed his Romney-Ryan door decal.

I said "I had to vote Garry Johnson this time. I didn't think it matters who won between Romney-Obama."

He said, "It mattered to me." I was taken by that and kinda looked at him. He continued, "I'm catholic, it matters for life."

I answered, "Maybe but I'm sick of fake choices. Romney passed romneycare before Obama was a politician. We spent the whole primaries looking for the anti-romney for a reason."

He just looked sad and said, "Yeah I know, but we needed to win."

I don't know why we needed to win still.