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Comment: ROTFL...!!!

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Ya..Ya...Like when I thought I signed the Navy contract for 2 years Reserves with a guaranteed school for CTI. It was in the 6th week of boot camp I found out I had enlisted for 4 years Active with 2 years Reserves and my guaranteed school for CTI was closed to women.

I pondered for those first 6 weeks why that recruiter stood up, pulled me to him and kissed me after signing that contract. I guess I filled his quota he so desperately needed. What did it matter to him that I didn't fully read that first contract and just believed his summary of it. The movie Private Benjamin didn't come out until 2 years later, which made me laugh at myself even more.

I read everything now, even if I don't understand what the heck I'm reading on that paper, I'll still read it and just tick off in the margin what needs to be questioned. It's amazing how many civilian public places tell me no one ever reads the papers given to them to sign. And it also amazes me how much they squirm and huff with impatience because I take my time reading it.

What's wrong with the commercial? Only the part that says "protecting freedom and democracy around the world". It's not the US Military's job to police the world. And the US is a Republic, why would we promote democracy? The rest of the commercial is just typical enhanced product advertising.