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Comment: Sometimes meaning is lost in translation

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Sometimes meaning is lost in translation

DP readers were visibly hurt that US Senate committee was united in its support of Israel. Hagel performance hurt them even more. Many feel shy that Americans, at large, do not support our anti-Israel stance. Anxiety forces our folks to come again with a lame article borrowed from "trusted" mainstream media and "trusted" Pentagon generals.

Bibi was saying that 2013 was the last year when Israel alone could destroy Iranian plants insted of only damaging them. Indeed, Israel wanted to do the job alone back in 2009 (when the plants were more vulnerable), but Bush and Obama prevented Israel by promising that US would handle Iran itself.

The title is misleading. Actually, Israel can do it alone at any time in the future. Israel simply does not want to kill millions of Iranians, waterboard them, put them in secret prisons, waste trillions on nation buildings as Pentagon conducts things. Israel (and some regional Suni countries) simply want to stop Iran from nuclear capability. CLEAN strike is what the article above seems cannot understand. Israel is not Pentagon; it cannot kill million+ muslims (as US did since 1990's) without a squeal from NWO (UN, NATO, IMF.)